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–  What is/was  it about Easter Island ?

When I was a child I loved the Thor Heyerdahl books, especially ‘Kon Tiki’. There notion of travel and adventure linked to a purpose of discovery really appealed to my sense of imagination and wonder. He was basically a hippie having fun on the back on looking for shipping route connections around the globe with the stated goal of showing links between ancient civilisations. What is there not to like in that for an eight year old boy ! Or for an adult for that matter. I loved the fact that no one could or still can really explain why the Moi are there and what they are about. Once I was 18 I realised it wasn’t to expensive to get there I started going. In the 1980’s in the winter time it was possible to be the only non local there for weeks, even months on end. The place isn’t very big so I was able to explore it throughly. I became a member of a local family and even considered staying a few times. To sit on top of the volcano Rano Raraku and look out to sea across the Moi as a storm comes in is kind of amazing, to do it tripping is even more of a head fuck !

Then in 1997 I was fishing for tuna out at sea off the West coast of the island and heard a strange noise, I looked up and it was an Air France Concord ! It was taking millionaires on a two week round the world trip. I knew then things were going to change, now they have back packers eating banana pancakes on their round the world tickets going there all year round. It’s become a stop off between Australia and South America. I have to think myself lucky for the times I spent there. They were times of immense pleasure, the pleasure of being young and free and wanting to see into a world I could not explain. As I sit here with my leg up in traction how I wish I could be there again. Time travel is what I want and I want it now, please.

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