Frieze Art Fair New York


P1590485 e1336149595907 377x564 Frieze Art Fair New York

Yesterday was the opening of the Frieze art fair on Randalls Island. From an everyday punters point of view it is well worth it just for the boat ride along the East river past the U.N building. The fair itself is large and spacious which gives it a relaxed laid back feeling which I also enjoyed. The layout gave you a chance to actually see the work and listen to the conversations of the grannies who were actually buying the ‘stuff’ which is half the fun for me. It’s great to be able to catch the little snippets of info as you pass around from space to space like ‘tell Rose to put the Baldessari on hold for me’ or ” do you think we can get one of these at auction cheaper Randy’. I like the notion ‘one of these’, I was told recently by  a mega collector that everyone runs after a particular artist until all the collectors have a piece, then the artist gets ‘dropped’ because everyone is on to the next thing. It’s a little like how the music industry was before file sharing, at least the ‘dropping’ part. In the meantime that particular young artist has invested everything in more production and is left high and dry. As I walked around there are artists who are constants of course but most get a short run of 5 years or so especially with the newer smaller galleries. Lets hope they can teach or trained as something else as well.

All in all it’s great fun to watch and art wise I really liked the art at Michael Werner who was showing only dead ‘blue chip’ artists therefore breaking the rules of Frieze which is meant to be contemporary living artists only but who cares because after seeing wall after wall of collages referencing work and ideas from the 1970’s I was ready for something special besides the sausages and pizza. Yes this year the ‘trend’ is collages, next year who knows ? If you do you could be there grabbing your window of opportunity, just remember don’t invest your winnings in making bigger art, buy stock in Facebook instead, you heard it here first.

More photos of Frieze later I need to get to the studio and do some work…

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