I’m answer some questions for a Japanese magazine as I suffer this morning so I thought I’m share some answer here


Why Pictures ?

I guess the first response to this is why anything ? There is actually no point to anything really once you strip things down to the basics. This is the basis for all philosophical discourse the question ‘why’ ¬†and all art that is worthy enough to call itself art fits into that discourse. Beyond that I reasoned a long time ago that to keep depression at bay I needed to being doing something all the time if I was going to continue living and art very neatly provides that something. Making art is all encompassing and is a perfect outlet for obsessive behaviour which is something I certainly suffer from. Once I was able to reach this point of understanding of my own relationship to living then I was able to understand that art is a ‘calling’ Certainly my ‘calling’ so I was able to just get on with producing. Not that there is actually any more point to making art than anything else, making bread is a ‘calling’ but art is the device with which I am able to navigate life and keep myself sane. I decided a long time ago that I would see this existence through to the bitter end, whatever happened and making ‘work’ enable me to do that from the point of view of someone outside looking in, If I where to have to deal with life as a series of mundane tasks it just won’t work for me. With this answer I haven’t touched on pleasure, in all its ramifications especially and fundamentally relationships which of course is another reason to live but I won’t deviate.

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