Glasto.tree  377x250

Glastonbury  5 A.M at the stone circle sometime in the early 1990’s when it never rained and was hot and sunny all the time. Funny how the weather has changed, I wonder why ? Anyway I just dug this out for the Gigi book which is on press in Italy right now, I often tried to get him to go to Glastonbury as I knew he would love it but for one reason or another it never happened. But he did love this photograph and told me next year, always next year…

This image was originally in my book “You Love Life’ published by Trolley you can still find them at a reasonable price online so if you don’t have one get one ! Actually I just looked and there are only 6 left for under £100 so it really is the time to buy one before it goes the way of some of my other books and joins the silly price club.

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