What would the ideal ‘fashion photography’ be for you ? if there is such a thing …

Well Terry and Juergen seem to have a good time making fashion and are both very good at it, I won’t mind swopping for an afternoon nor perhaps attending the wrap party in their place ! As for me I can only see the glamour in fashion like most people do. I know nothing of the hard work or what goes on behind the scenes, I imagine its all very complicated and I am a loner I get up and just do my own thing in isolation, I don’t even have a full time assistant. It all seems like a lot of bother to me when the purpose is to sell clothes. Of course people like Terry and Juergen have made it something more and I respect them for that, but if I where to do it I would only be doing it to get the money so I could use the cash on my work. I could never actually be interested in doing it beyond that. Shit I’ve given the game away, I’ll never get any fashion jobs now ! If I where to do a fashion job I’d like to go into the street with a couple of models alone and see what happens, somewhere where it would be vulgar to take them like a refugee camp or a psychiatric hospital. Somewhere to play with political correctness and educated sensibilities. Expensive clothes in a war zone maybe, keep it abstract and Monty Python like. The thing is with my people pictures I see the best in folk, as works they are always gentle and made with love, and in fashion pictures I never see love, gentle sweet loving. Maybe all the codiene I’m on for my broken ankle is making me sound like a fucking hippie, oh well. But I mean it now I think of it, I never see humanity and love in fashion photos, and I reckon love could sell clothes, there’s my pitch !

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