Have you ever shot fashion? (have you actually done any ‘commercial work’) ?

I did make the work about Lee McQueen’s working process which is actually a collaboration between us, I took pictures of many other things which we incorporated into the work, I did something similar with Isaac Mizrahi in conjunction with Tibor Kalman in the late eighties which was set up by Avedon. But I’ve never done fashion. I wish I had the money thats for sure, it’s hard being penniless and over forty when you make art, it doesn’t get easier especially as I have a child now.  I have done the odd commercial thing, sometimes they come my way and people will take a chance but not in a climate like todays thats for sure. If advertising people would like a challenge I’m available for the right project ! But only if I can get on with my work at the same time, lives to short for me to get caught up in trying to make money, I’m no good at it, but I always survive and get up everyday and make my work, hopefully one day I’ll get to show it. There is talk of a show / book of everything from 1980 until now, I really hope it happens, if not then ‘what the fuck’ I’ll just keep going, experimenting and having fun.

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