what makes a picture click for you ?

Well, this is interesting, when I was a student I tried to teach some of the other students how to take ‘good’ pictures and of course it was impossible, you can either do it or you can’t. But from this arises the question what actually constitutes a good picture ? Of course I have toiled with this a long time, and the first answer is I just know intuitively what makes a good picture by looking at one, I see a good picture and know right away that it works. This is the case wether it is my picture or someone else’s. I don’t know the formula, I think there isn’t one, but when I am taking pictures sometimes I enter a ‘headspace’ where I know the magic is happening and the pictures are going to be good, this is aided i’m sure by my dyslexia and left handedness which creates some sort of different spacial awareness. Of course it is possible to also create pictures on a computer this way as well, as it is possible to do many things once you are in the zone. For instance Lionel Messi, why is he so much better than any other person on this planet with the ball at his feet, we don’t know why, it is more than skill, he is in the zone and shear will power and confidence makes it happen for him. Not that I’m any sorted of picture taking Messi ! But it is interesting to see how people can create once all the fundamentals are in sync.

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