Another Question from Japan answered

– turning points in your photo-life ? ( the way you think about photography ?)

Making work is an ongoing evolution, with an ever expanding list of reasons and ways of doing, I try to shake things up all the time, to keep on progressing and experimenting, this ‘modus operandi’ has caused me a lot of problems as people want to neatly pigeon hole you and if you don’t allow that it really fucks some people off ! You kind of enter peoples world for a while and they claim you and when you move on they somehow feel violated, I’ve had that a lot of this shit from the ‘concerned’ photography people, when I have conceptually chosen to use they coding and signifiers within my practice they have gotten all excited and then felt it was some sort of blasphemy when they have seen my other work which is outside their remit.

It’s all so fucking boring all these people who feel entitled to make pictures of people who they feel subconsciously are somehow less than they are, the ‘exposures of truth’ with their photo festivals, books and online forums, it makes me want to puke. When you strip it down all these works are all the same, saying the same thing and do nothing for the development of art or culture let alone photography, nor do they help the people in the pictures that they are meant to be concerned about. Now I’m on a rant, what I’m trying to say is that I am making art with which I am trying to push ‘boundaries’ and say something new, often I fail, but I’m not afraid to fail that is the point. If photography enables me to do that then great, but whatever happens I’m enjoying the process.

I’d rather look at Steven Meisel pictures in Italian Vogue than most so called ‘art photography’ ¬†at least the pictures are honest, they are about selling frocks and are visually stimulating.

As for turning points, once my broken ankle is healed I will make new work, I can’t wait, I’ve been thinking about constructing a piss take ‘photo-book’ as I’m getting sick of the cult of the photo book, but also I’d like to do some shows, I don’t have a gallery so its hard, I need to find good people to work with who can take a hit on someone like me.

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