A strange thing is happening to me, I’m feeling sorry for Dave. It seems the whole Savile thing seems to be turning into a ‘house of cards’ which is slowly enveloping the government and of course Dave and his generation have nothing what so ever to do with possible past evils of government, let alone illegal activity. They say in government expect the unexpected and this scandal must be way beyond anything that Dave could of ever imagined in even his wildest dreams. The scandal itself seems real and could yet turn into another ‘Perfumo’ and bring Down dave just like that scandal brought down Anthony Eden. At least it could make them unelectable at the next election. It is possible that the whole thing could spin totally out of control very quickly. The funny thing is I see similarities between young Ed and Harold Wilson, there’s something in their slow thoughtful approach to politics, so perhaps we are just around the corner from another long period of Labour government and even if the current government do well economy it may already be to late.

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