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Oh the joys of Virgin Atlantic ! I first used them to fly to NYC the year they started 1985, before the screens in the back of seats, lots of booze available and of course the party/ smoking section at the back. I didn’t smoke but I often found myself in this section. This always seemed to be where the interesting people where sitting and I often struck up a good conversation here helped along with a few wines. Those days are long gone, I no longer drink on flights nor do I talk to anyone which is a shame. ┬áBut I still use Virgin even through they are starting to test me somewhat with the ‘Ryanair’ style ad ons. Yesterday we moved to some empty seats by the window only to be told they cost extra. So we moved back to the cramped middle section. This is the other problem the seats have gotten smaller and smaller to the point where they are now to small. I guess Dickie B doesn’t have to use them so he will never know. Oh well. I guess I need to get rich and start to fly Upper Class, quite how this is going to happen I don’t know. Perhaps I could buy a few ‘failing’ hospitals like Bain Capital and then aggressively milk Medicare and Medicaid to get the rich ! Please read the story in Thursdays NY Times about this, what a great piece of investigative journalism, I love newspapers, don’t let the Internet swallow them ! Enough, bye….

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