I read yesterday about the ‘Artists Party for the Queen’s Jubilee’.  Quotes from party goer  Saint Bono said how wonderful the Monarchy is, may I remind him that he is lucky enough to come from the only part of the British Isles  which has had the common sense to ditch the feudal royalist system and become a republic. While Bono is now a ‘free’ equal citizen, me and his two London born band mates are still fucking subjects of this out moded antiquated rotten system. I am proud to want my civil rights and one day I would like to be an equal in law with the blight that is the aristocracy.

I watched the video of the ‘artists’, I won’t name them but it made me furious, some of them I know and they should know better, especially David Hockney and Vivian Westwood, what a shame she was there singing the Queen’s blessings. Art should stand for fairness and quality not this pomp and circumstance. Now is a moment to remember Francis Bacon turned down every offer they tried to push on him. When will the U.K grow up and republican not be a dirty word, I despair….but the fight for equality will continue…

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