So Anders Breivik isn’t mad we are being told ? Because of this he is being given the platform he wants for his lunacy. Surely it must be possible to have ‘due process’ to give the families the closure they need without letting this nutter talk to the whole world from the courtroom. The media being what it is are going to report everything he says and he knows it and is enjoying it. Why are they allowing him this pleasure ? Am I really meant to believe that someone who grins through the reading of list of the dead and the causes of death and then goes on to cry during the broadcast of his Youtube hate video in court is not totally insane.it is obvious to me that this loon is a delusional psychopath so it ┬áis beyond belief that this is taking place. I guess Norway being a lovely safe place doctors there don’t know how to spot this type of obvious lunatic, well let me tell you Breivik is bonkers, completely bonkers, you are never going to release him. he is getting off on this so called trial, stop it now and just classify him insane, lock him up, throw away the key and then have a public inquest for the families, Ok I’m done now!

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