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There have been fantastic dusk skys over London this week, along with the lighter evenings it finally feels like spring is coming. Yesterday also seemed to bring change here in the public perception of the war in Afganistan. Six young British soldiers were blown up in Helmand so I turned up the radio phone in programmes to see if they were following the usual pattern. But unlike other ‘dark days’ in the last few years there was a steady stream of servicemens wife’s saying the campaign was a waste of time and should end now, the only people willing to counter this were Tory M.P’s who seemed completely of touch with the public mood. As the Western Governments are how talking to the Taliban and the pull out is set for 18 months time would it not be possible to organise a cease fire. It seems probable that Taliban figures will be in the government there by the pull out or its going to end like Vietnam, in disaster. It is so depressing to watch the cyclical cycle of these wars with nothing learnt by the Western powers. I read yesterday that arms spending in eastern Asia will next year start to outstrip the West so I wonder if the increased power of these countries will in any way counter Western military adventures in the developing world ? Not that i think these countries new military might will be a force for good, just another ‘twist in the tale’ of the stupidity of human nature.

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