Parisian Burgers


P1500630 e1330696261665 377x564 Parisian Burgers

P1500636 e1330696361859 377x564 Parisian Burgers

P1500642 e1330696439157 377x564 Parisian Burgers

P1500647 377x251 Parisian Burgers

P1500651 e1330696583569 377x564 Parisian Burgers

P1500658 377x251 Parisian Burgers

P1500666 377x251 Parisian Burgers

P1500668 377x251 Parisian Burgers

So I can finally reveal what I’m doing here in France, today saw the release of the Quick Burger ‘Darth Vador’ and “Jedi Burger’ by the afore mentioned French burger chain. My roll at MacDonalds has expanded in the last few weeks so I was sent over here to try out the little French upstarts offering and report back to HQ. I have to say the chili Vador offering was really good with real chili’s and mean looking black bun and it even came with a toy. We are just going to have to work harder in Europe if the competition are upping there game. Back for the Jedi later…

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