l Portrait of Eugene Boch 377x498

Van Gogh’s portrait of Eugene Block which hangs in the Musee D’Orsay, I had forgotten how much I like it, I have a Strong attachment to Van Gogh’s because The primary school I attended was covered in them. Someone on the staff of Barnsbury Middle School, Woking, Surrey was a huge fan. So I sent a lot of time looking at them at a young age and this has stuck with me. So when I see the real things lots of memories come flooding back. Mind you the museum i self has been ruined. They have built a kind of post-modernist internal structure to protect the work from the sunlight. But in doing so the ambience of the museum has been destroyed. The rooms create look like tombs for Sith Lords from Star Wars and at the end are to towers with lifts in which look like the final battleground of Vader and Skywalker, what a shame. At least it is protecting the work I guess.

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