Paris is out there somewhere and I am flopped my my bed in the hotel, the travel has caught up with me, I was hoping to go to my friend David’s studio today and see his paintings before I start work. But its just not going to happen now. The best I can hope for is a trip to the gym and steam room, which is pretty good. I went yesterday and the towels weren’t big enough to go all the way round, I think you are meant to go naked with a small towel placed over your ‘privates’. But I was having none of it, I came back to the room and got a bath towel. One has standards you know, I’m not a German, why is it the Germas like to get their kit off at every available opportunity ? Does make for some interesting art though. Imagine Jeurgen without nudity, unthinkable. Mind you I did make a book a long time ago with me naked, I had forgotten about that….

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