So I have wasted about two and half hours getting to the penalties in the African football final, from tomorrow time wasting is going to stop, spot kicks from the off for me in life…now for those pens…Zambia are praying and the Ivory Coast are working out their shooting order,…so it’s going to be Zambia then. English speaking Zambia over French speaking Ivory Coast of course ! It’s 2-2 and Zambia are singing folk songs I love it, 3-3 this is great at last some action…4-4, 5-5 they should call it a draw but….sudden death, 6-6 wtf…7-7 this makes up for the dull match for sure, 2 misses you couldn’t make it up ! next round…Toare then Gervino both miss now it’s going to be Zambia for sure ! And it is, the stars of the Ivory Coast have lost to the under dogs Zambia, wow… I guess after the plane crash in 1993 it’s fitting, but remember they chose god over planning and it paid off, let that be a lesson to you….

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