olive1 377x476

DSC4667 377x251

A drawing I made recently

NickW.Poot  377x514 A drawing I made recently

A drawing i made for the Poot It In Yer Bag charity which raises provides free meals in Hackney, London. You can find them on Instagram

Hi, I haven’t been on here for a while I will try to make posts again in the coming months as work gets going again after the lockdown. I am currently in the studio working on new paintings but I do hope to get out of the studio and make some new photographic work as the weather improves.

DSC0779small 377x252

DSC0372small 377x565

4PaintingsSmall 377x251
4 new paintings in my studio 2020

First post here for a long time, I’m in hiding from the virus and my heating has broken, its cold.

108174426 286219802796505 7874305211309432089 n 377x503
Working on a new book Anaglypta which will be published by jesusblue.co.uk books in September, it is available to order online now and there is also a very reasonable print option as well. Take a look on the jesusBlue.co.uk website.

DSC3411small 377x323
The last painting i made until I make the next one, I am finding it pretty difficult to work at the moment. I need to stop reading the news but that is almost impossible.
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