I went to see Death Grips play last night, amazing intense show, and lovely people..I sent them off to Tayyabs afterwards as they where starving after the show!

I choose this video of Dylan as it includes a section shot at Mile End in London. So sad when I young person is taken from us by cancer, my thoughts are with his family.


Monday morning back in the studio and back to work, this should be a positive feeling all I have to do is get past the paperwork and the real business of art making can start. On another note I enjoyed Freize Maters very much yesterday.

The drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles today was amazing, clear skies, wide open spaces and the sounds of Four Tet all the way.

My skateboard injuries are finally catching up with me, my right ankle is so swollen I can hardly walk. It just ballooned up yesterday and I have to drive to San Francisco for a meeting on Monday. I am home alone in bed depressed, out there it’s still summertime in Los Angeles. I am going to the basement to sleep its cooler there. No art today…Well not yet. At moments like this I wish I was back in Britain…

Totally hollowed out…

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