I will post over the weekend but only as the LORD allows….

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I thought I start with something nice as it’s Monday morning, I found this image during my latest picture hunt. I made this image in 2008 in San francisco with my first ‘proper’ digital camera. I look through thousands of images I made with it over the weekend and I have to say most of them are rubbish compared to the film images I took at the same time. At the time I was carrying both a digital point and shoot and a film one as well. I’m happy now I stuck with the film until the current generation of digi cameras. Mind you once my current books are completed I’m going to start new work on film, somehow with digi the magical is gone.

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While looking for a picture of us editing the book together I came across this picture of Lee, I can’t remember taking it, but its a good ‘un. As for the book it is going to press in May so it can be out in September.

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I have no idea where these prints are, or the scans for that matter, but i have the negs for sure, this is a book which needs to be made for sure, perhaps next year…

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The ┬ástudio in 2008, the work pictured has yet to see the light of day…

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Icy wintery Hackney Wick this morning, looking forward to summer !

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I keep meaning to tidy the London studio but it never happens, I have about 20 half finished painting which need completing. Once the weather changes and i can get them outside I will get back to work on them. In the meantime photo editing continues.

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This is my last fanzine, I only sell them through Dashwood books in NYC, right now I’m putting together a new one so if you want the last one it’s still available online I think?

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