untitled painting


P1170045 e1299676861437 377x564 untitled painting

This is one of my small paintings inspired by the light and landscape in the West Bank. I find myself more and more absorbed in the process of painting. It is all consuming and so different in every way from the process of photography. TheĀ  Coexistence of both in by work is a challenge moving forward.

Reading the above sounds correct, what I’m saying is orrect but I think I need to loosen up a little if I am going to make more of these posts. Of course if I can find out if anyone is actually reading the bloody things, that might help.

I don’t want to sound trivial but my shitting stomach is at it again, I’ve only had soup to eat for 3 days straight, I’m hungry and it’s getting boring. I dream of sushi or a curry or just some fruit. ahhh

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