Some Thoughts


Trying to get everything together, sort out the paintings for Thursday and get prints made for Wednesday, its good to be busy as they say. The photos were made such a long time ago they are easy, i just have to hope that the books arrive on time. As for the paintings that is so much more exciting for me, it has been such a quick moving process since i went back to the medium in 2007. Everyday is an exploration and so exciting, so the thought of actually getting the work out there finally, feels great.

Tomorrow I have meeting at the Met Museum here in New York of all the artists working on the Israel project curated by Jeff Rosenheim which is going to be good I hope? It`s only the second time we have all met and the last time was a really great day. Since then Jeff Wall and Gilles Peres have joined the project, and I have never met either of them. So I need an early night so i can get up early and walk across the park to get there. So up the wooden hill, night

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