thought for today


So riots are back this summer in London. I woke up this morning to see there have been a wave of ‘copy cat’ disturbances across the capital. Even attempted violence in Oxford St. What is odd or perhaps just a sign of the times is that these actions seem more about looting than political grievance. Apparently trainer (sneaker) shops have been a main target along with electrical stores. It is early still and as the day unfolds it will be interesting to get various perspectives on what is happening. It doesn’t seem like the right time for Tory police cuts nor the closing of youth centres. I feel a strange detachment from what is going on, as I haven’t lived here much in recent years I feel like a voyeur.I feel like someone with a good knowledge of the U.K but also someone who is not actually involved personnally in life here anymore.

As I am old enough to remember the last time the Tory’s came in after Labour and created the atmosphere for this kind of situation to arise and I just wonder if nothing is ever learnt. We just seem to be going round in circles, would it not be possible to have a governmet that is accountable to all sections of society not just the rich or poor. I know this is sounding very middle aged and boring but I am so fed up with the same old ideas of left and right being played out over and over again.

Surely a new politics for a new century just be possible, the trouble with that is the 650 M.P’s at the trough in Westminster would never vote for change, the two main parties don’t even want P.R as it’s to democtratic. So everyone goes on losing and another chance for change is lost with another generation of young people.

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