The Promise Of More Good Things


It was my intention to use this blog to think out loud, it put some of my ideas about art out there into the world. By nature I am somewhat of a recluse so the internet will hopefully give me a chance to get beyond my everyday world. I understand it is an anomaly to be a photographer of the ‘real world’ and be a recluse at the same time. Yes I travel quite a lot and I love to explore new places, but what I mean is that I do this in a quiet way, I don’t intrude. My presence is kept to a minimum in a physical way, while mentally I like to embed myself. When I return home I disappear into the studio and paint while playing records and listening to sport on the radio. It is a life alone in many respects but somehow I hope that it does not continue as such. But I have no idea what the future holds for me right now,I hope it will exciting and full of  the promise of more good things.

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