Normal service to resume soon


P1230192 e1305986254768 377x564 Normal service to resume soon

I got knocked of my bike and my computer is damaged so this morning I drop it off at the apple store for repair. This takes 5 to 7 working days so during this period these posts will become irregular as I have to use other peoples mac’s and they have to have Photoshop 5 if I am going to post pictures. I’m sure I’ll post something just not as much, perhaps I’ll write, it’ll be good for me it is only a week afterall. ‘Life after doomsday’ could be my subject or seeing as Bibi seems to be saying the ‘Two State solution’ is dead then ‘how to make the Bi-National State work could be my topic. Anyway it is the first sunny day in NYC for about 2 weeks which feels great so much love to everyone especially the freak in California who thinks everyone is going to die today.

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