La Bouche Broadway Market


P1400413 377x251 La Bouche Broadway Market

Broadway Market is a hipster enclave just south of London Fields, Hackney. Once the home of the Hackney Homeless Squatters and various Anarchist groups it has changed dramitically in recent years. Many of the changes have been for the better, there is a vibrant organic market on a saturday and 2 great bookshops. But a number of long established local business’s have been forced out by the council. It was interesting to note that in the riots the only business to get attacked was the cafe La Bouche, the home of the 8 quid sandwich. Last time someone took me there we paid £20 for 2 coffees and 2 sandwiches. Fantastic grub but as I said I am not surprised it was targeted as the prices are designed to keep the locals out.

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