Jerusalem by Jez Butterworth


P1290900 e1308748657364 377x564 Jerusalem by Jez Butterworth

last night I made my first trip to Braodway to see Jez Btterworth’s ‘Jerusalem’. The practagonist of the play is a drug dealing Roma who is partying with tthe youth of his small English village. He is caste in the mold of falstaff and is a metaphor for the destruction of ‘merry England’ by the dark forces of state control and power. It was quite amazing, I’m not a threatre person but I was blow away. Please go if you are in New York, I’m sure it will be on again in London as it is so good. I read that Mr. Butterworh is writing a sceneplay about the band The Clash, I look forward to that as well.

P1290968 377x251 Jerusalem by Jez Butterworth

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