Gringos Girls


gringos.girls  377x564 Gringos Girls

After coming clean about my stud farm here on the white isle I might as well let the world into a few more secrets. I’ve always wanted to be part of a community and here in Ibiza is no exception. Bored with the mega clubs playing chart commercial house music for kids from suburbs, I knew the place was crying out for somewhere upmarket and fresh, thats when I came up with the idea of ‘Gringos-Girls’.

Gringos-Girls is now the island’s top underground night stop, with the simple concept of you supply the Gringos and I’ll supply the girls. The place is rammed with gringos every night who just want to party, listen to the best in underground house music and meet Latinas. I see myself as a match maker as many of my ladies have found husbands through the club. But most important is the work I am giving to all these beautiful young women from South America. My man on the ground there Ramon sends me a steady dream of little sex pots who are only to happy to dance and party just for fun. In fact it’s hard for Ramon to keep up sometimes as business is thick and fast. Sometimes my girls are away in villas and on boats for weeks at a time, what a pleasure it has been to be the man behind ‘Gringos-Girls’.

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