Fun when your young, son


Still on the riots, no one seems to be mentioning ‘fun’ in all all of this. Just like with drugs, people, as inĀ  kids are actually having fun while rioting, it may all be pointless and stupid but that is a sign of the times we live in where life in conducted in a sterile and non participatation manner. these young boys are meant to just sit back and watch the priviledged few like Cameron live down the road from them in luxury and just except their lot, well they are saying fuck to that and good on them for doing it, I don’t agree with what they do but someone is finally taking notice of them.

It’s a statement isn’t it, the new ‘what the fuck’ generation. Lets riot for trainers and T.V’s, that’s that the cunts what us to aspire to, so lets nick them. Then we’ll see how there business’s go, all these companies, JD Sports, Footlocker, Curry’s are PLC making money for people who don’t really give a fuck about these kids, and well now their profits with suffer, A little hard reality for the shareholders, and on another day of big drops on the stock market.

Also they are saying a big fuck off to my generation, the right on lefty politically concious non McDonald’s eating crew who think we are really great because we stuck it to Thatcher in the 1980’s. See my last post, I’m falling into my own trap..someone stop me, please

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