P1420512 e1314314034173 377x564 Beetroot

Beetroot are the unsung hero of the food world. It is like a full meal to me, I love it. They tastes great, are good for you and they grows here so we don’t have to ruin the planet by flying them round the world.They are the answer to all our food problems well almost, sorry I’m getting carried away but it is great stuff, no ?

As a child in the UK they were a bad part of school meals, a filler diced on the side. but as a teenager my mother introduced it to me pickled and as a lover of vinagered food I started to like them. Then sometime in the 1990’s I ‘discovered’ them raw and started to boil, now as a lover and complete convert it is a major part of my low fat diet. I just love them, don’t you?  If not convert, it will be a no strings attached love affair, I promise. One word of warning, purple wee..

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