Today it was announced that Vaclav Havel died yesterday, this news has been completely over shadowed by the death of Kim Jong Il. This simple positioning of stories of the deaths of these two men who lead their respective countries says a lot about the value system of the world we live in. Havel was an amazing person, an artist, humanist and statesman who fought with and lead his country out of oppression while Kim Jong Il was a triant who by default of birth ruled his country through paranoia and fear. But when they both die on the same day who gets all the headlines the evil one, this sickens me and makes me just want to despair. On this day we should all be celebrating the live of a good man who was strong enough to know his weaknesses and confront them in public, and went on to win important battles for his people and all mankind. This is what should be in the headlines, I have nothing more to say….

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