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This is a sequence of images that appear in my self published books ‘Lackadaisical’ and ‘Extrapolations’ . In the books the images appear in black and white as the books use cheap print on demand technology. I am kind of getting bored of very more expensive mutli-paper book in box sets so I am enjoying making these ‘works’. Each book is produced in a short run and I place them in a few shops by hand. There are 5 copies of ‘Lackadaisical’ available at Donlon Books in London otherwise the first edition is gone. I added another 50 or so pages and a second edition of 100 copies in available at McNally Jackson Books in NYC, here’s the link


“Extrapolations’ is the latest and comes in at around nearly 300 pages and is an expanded tighter edit of ‘Lackadaisical’ that brings in images of the ‘Occupy’ movement in NYC. In fact all the pictures except one in both books were taken in NYC. ‘Extrapolations’ is only available at Dashwood Books in NYC. This is the link…


Cheers… xxx

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