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If you know about David Icke this will come as no surprise but if not you can search him on Google. Anyway Icke is a former goalkeeper turned TV pundit come Liberal Democrat candidate who announced live on box hat he is the son of god. Not only this but he informed us that the world is run by criminal gang of mutant alien lizards who can take the form of humans. So when walking through Jerusalem’s Old City the other day this came to mind when I saw these two little fellows in the Arab Quarter. Could Icke really be on to something ? Is there a link between these ¬†little fellows and divine power, was one of these creatures George Bush JNR ¬†returned to his restive state. Are the lizards here to witness the end of the world ? Anyway I just thought I share that with you all, I do really know that they were pets for sale just in case you think I really am loosing it. Which is an easy way to be in The Holyland, but where is Icke now ?

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