So yestersay evening a friend of mine, an Eastern European at that (always a sinister sign) poured a beer into this laptop. So I spent yesterday evening with the hotel hair dryer in the bathroom trying to coax some life back into this little baby. I charged it and fell into a restless sleep, when I woke up i tried it again, still dead. So I went to get some juice and decided to sleep today as it was making me so miserable. Before I fell asleep I gave it one more shot and you guessed it it came back to life, yes yes yes. So anyone need anymore proof of the existence of Jesus than that ? Here I am in Jerusalem surrounded by his power and he got together with Steve Jobs over night on the Mount of Olives and decided to bring my Mac back to life. So today instead of sleeping I walk the Wall which separates one piece of Holy desert from another piece of Holy desert until it is time to rejoice in the Casseta with a Becks, thank you lord most powerful and your new friend who ate from the Apple and liked a black polo cotton sweater.

See I am playing down the possibilty that my Eastern European friend works for The Mossad and he tried to destroy my computer as they know I am against the invasion of Iran which they are trying to sell to their American masters, or maybe not as the Guardian said yesterday. Anyway it is easy to be paranoid in a Police state like this, that is my excuse anyway.

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