You might of guessed it as I’m in Jerusalem I woke up thinking about the end of the world, it is meant to start here afterall. All these countries with nuclear weapons mean some idiot is going to fire one sooner or later that’s for sure. It’s so fucking depressing especially when you have kids but once the nutters have them its inevitable really. So even through these are depressing times these are also the good times as these really are the pre-nuclear days, we are ‘between the wars’ right now so lets all make the most of what we have, use our lives to the full as it is just not going to last forever. Sorry to say this stuff but I am being positive really, I sat down with a coffee at lunch time and opened the Israeli paper and it said Netanyahu wants to bomb Iran. Iran is not Iraq, if he does this all hell will break loose, and Iran will not bomb Israel as 5 million Palestinian’s live here, Israel has human shields ! Someone please stop this lunatic, please speak to him make him see reason. But on the otherside if we do have a ‘small threatre’ nuclear exchange it’s the end of globalisation so take your pick kids, which is worse?

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