So this is going to be kind of slow for the next few days as the internet connection speeds are even worse than London which is saying something. But according to B.T Olympic Hackney Wick is getting fibre-optic cable next year , yippee. Anyway I am on Jerusalem internet now and well it’s slow, not that it matters really they make up for it in other ways. As in they throw a fast mean rock here so you have to be careful especially in certain parts of the city, the parts I tend to like in fact, funny that, why aren’t I a lover of suburbs ?

Anyway I am having my portrait taken tomorrow in my Purim bear costume in a Settlement within Jerusalem called Har Homa ( concrete wall). It has lovely views of Bethlehem, the shame is Bethlehem has amazing views of Har Homa ! It’s just another little piece in the psychological warfare that the natives have to suffer on a daily basis.

Anyway I will try to reward you all with a picture tomorrow, so come back dear readers. I wish I could offer you a large bar of Cadbury’s chocolate with this read like they do in WH Smith’s or two large bottles of water for £1.68 like they do at the airport. Remember one bottle is £1.57 so it’s a deal. Sometimes I fucking hate suggestive selling, infact I always hate it, what the fuck is there to like about it, come on it should be illegal. I blame Macdonalds they started it, now everyone is at it, mind you if you buy a full set of my ‘Surf Riot’ prints you get a 25% discount, but that’s a discount which is acceptable as it’s a reward for loyality. I hope this is making sense ? Are you still with me or have you moved on to Peres Hilton ? I read this morning kim KashKardigan’s marriage is over after only 72 days and I am meant to be shocked, if she had a long and happy marriage it won’t sell magazines would it ? and she is mutant created by automon dictators who work for the Death Star, so what the fuck ! bye…

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