Raccoons are new to me, I first saw them late at night as I cycled the West Side Highway bike track. Now I look out for them and they seem to be everywhere in NYC parks after night fall. They are such cute looking animals with there bushy tales, I need to learn more about them. It makes me realise how much knowledge of indigenous wildlife I have in the U.K but how I know so little about wildlife outside of Europe. This has been a good and unexpected extra from taking up cycling to get around the city. Mind you today is the first cold looking grey day of the season so I need to get some warm clothes as I have nothing. Soon it will be time to start painting again through the winter, I got fresh supplies yesterday and have started to plan out pictures. Now all I need to to collect some source material while in West Bank in the coming weeks. Maybe I can hold off on the warm clothes still as I will be back in The Holy Land once more.

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