I had a moment yesterday evening when I ws really in the ‘zone’ for taking street pictures, everything went right and I was enjoying myself. So here are a few, all taken during a 5 minute period on the subway platform at 42 St Tmes Sq while I waited for the 1 train to take me home…

P1080056 e1317560824123 377x564

P1080066 e1317560907734 377x564

P1080074 e1317561003693 377x564

P1080083 e1317561118575 377x564

P1080090 e1317561187679 377x564

P1080100 e1317561275870 377x564

P1080106 e1317561342204 377x564

P1080114 e1317561454222 377x564

P1080122 e1317561526198 377x564

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