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This chap had over done it a little on the size front, every little gust of wind sent him into a spin. I am think of joining him on Wall St. today with a little surrealist sign action , in the mix for consideration at the moment are ‘GABBA GABBA HEY’ and ‘The Queen is Dead’ both have leftist historical references without direct shock intention while both could add something of the unkown to the clutter of Banners already down there.

Of course George Bush SNR’s father was a banker involved in lending money to rebuild Germany in the 1930’s and that is the point this guy is trying to get across, and good luck to him. It was great to see all the people down there who really cared about the world and our future. I like the fact there is no unified moment, leader or voice to this movement and I will be back later today when I suspect it will be quieter to talk to people. This is before I head to PS1 for the Art Book Fair to sign copies of my $500 limited edition book ‘Surf Riot’. Who would I be to commodify rebellion and turn it into a beautiful highly collectable art experience for personnel gain. They are only going to go up in value so purchase yours today folks, while limited stocks last….

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