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New York is what I said and we will get there, I promise but I took this on the Tube while travelling to Heathrow, they all look so miserable don’t they ? It was 29c outside and a Thursday, what a bunch of poopers. I arrived at the airport, checked in and sat outside listening to Lambchop’s ‘Fucking Sunny Day’ from their ‘Thriller” album what a perfectly pleseant afternoon. I got on my Delta flight and low and behold they were able to offer me an ice cold Heineken, things were just lovely. I didn’t over do it, only the one small can as not to get a heachache on arrival. You see I’m getting sensible in my middle youth, had a sleep and woke up as usual over Newfoundland. I always wake up there, just as the plane reaches dry land. Then I spent 3 hours watching the sky map while reading ‘Private Eye’, it’s my routine and has been on these flights for years. I thought you needed to know that, why I’m not sure but I feel better for telling you and that hopefully will make you feel good about yourself, as for the poor sods on the tube…

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