Sunshine I love it, everyday when I lived here to wake in the sun was so good. It seems to rain most of the time now in both London and New York, but I need to remember what Mr. Beuys said ‘all weather is good’. The thing I love about Beuys is the grasp of showmanship, the clothes and the aattitude as much as the work. The fact that when he had a show in Europe he would drive his Rolls Royce to the edge of town, park and then cycle to the gallery, fantastic. I shared a room with him at Venice in 2001, thank you Harold Zeemann for that it remains one of the highlights of my rather rubbish career. Any ideas about how to get ahead in art are sorely needed. I can’t even get a gallery, I am that rubbish at promoting myself, and as someone pointed out I’m not good looking enough for a top gallery in todays art scene.

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