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I pocked the camera out of the window as I drove along the A12 risking life and limb to get a picture for you of the new Anish Kapoor ‘thing’ at the Olympic park. Although it is already enormous I still managed to missed it, so you are going to have to wait to see his latest piece of ridiculous nonesense unless you actually go there. Perhaps this new ‘whatever’ is even worse than any other ‘whatever’ he has made so far in his ‘blue chip’ career.

How the man is able to sink to new lows time after time and keep surprising us is beyond me. Pure genious, the reverse psychology used by this fellow is amazing, but we all keep laughing and that is the point I guess. After the unironic end of pier mirrors anything was possible and once again the worlds worse artist has broken new ground with the bendy tower, well done fellow …

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