Well summer has ended with another day in the park, I spent the day reading while keeping one eye on transfer deadline day deals just in case Messi was on his way to save the Gooners.

Anyway I enjoyed the stuff about Gaddaffi’s beach resort, all the gear for a great beach party, the only trouble was there was no one to invite. All really sad in the end. A little like his son Saif’s pad in Hampstead, all the luxuries but no people until the Free Party people got hold of it and had a few weekends on Italien techno Bollocks there. There’s nothing like a nose bleed rave, cans of lager and a bag of pills as long as you are under 30. After that you either look really sad or you’ve lost the plot so it doesn’t matter if you are wasted for days on end. After thirty you need to slow down and be a more cultured party animal.

If you are still at it at 40 you need help, or a prize..who knows. I have been thinking about a serious night out again for some time now.ForĀ  at least 2 years, the clean living soul that I am, but I keep resisting, what can I say I’m just an all round loser who enjoys early nights and getting up with the sun now so the other just scars me now.Funny how ageing just creeps up on you. One minute it’s nights out with Bez ( yes I did that), the next moment I’m in bed at 9pm with a tea planning my gardening, fuck, what happen ?

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