After spending the weekend on my mum’s garden I am back to the VAT, so I don’t really have anything to report. Mind you I have been thinking about NASA’s announcement about Aliens not being happy with us at the moment. What is interesting is that they must of been happy when the Americans were in charge in the 20th century but now its the Chinese those aliens are kicking up a fuss.

Also It’s is interesting too that they choose to get in touch via NASA not via say the European Space Agency, could ths be linked to the fact that 30% of Americans have been aducted by extra terrestials, much more than any other nation. The thing is that the United States is at the forefront of space technology and so we all should be grateful.

I am looking forward to when visits to Pandora are affordable for people like me not just Richard Branston. I have always wondered why he doesn’t do his pickle in the sandwich’s on Virgin as he loves a hook up ? Maybe it’s an image thing, I’d prefer cheese and pickle rolls to those Goo pots they give you on his planes now.

Do you think the NASA aliens like the Goo pots ? Also do you reckon they are available on Necker ? Perhaps the fridges on the islandare loaded with them at all times, except when Kate Winslett is there as she has to stay away from Goo. enough…

Well, just a little more, I am thinking about an Island covered in Fridges full of gooey chocolate with celebs gorging themselves on the stuff, just getting fatter and fatter and not giving a fuck as they eat themselves to death…in the Carribean sun…really enough this time

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