So yesterday I worked out how to add video’s to this again so expect more of them, I have varied taste so you’ll love it. Rosie my room mate hereĀ  in London has decided to put a wash on at 1 a.m and the washing machine is right above my bedroom in an open plan situation, not good. But at least it means I have time to write and let you know about all today’s joys and fuck ups. So the painting is gong well, little devisl from Icons being my thing as I move towards the shows I have pending, it’s o late to explain now. On the downside the admin staff a the hospital my mother is at are being real paranoid idiots, but it’s a long story. Anyway the question is when my son gets back from Scotland do we go to Devon or Ibiza ? I know its a stupid question and there is only one answer but I wanted to test you, Ok !

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