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As I am painting it gives me a chance to play my records and that is something I love to do. I recently picked up loads of hip hop 12″ really cheap, no one wants them at the moment it seems. So I am playing through them as I work on my paintings for my show at the See Gallery here in Olympic Hackney Wick at the beginning of December. The show will be mainly work from Israel but also paintings I have made here in London. Try and come and see it, your all welcome especially those of you who look at this blog in the Stan’s who’ll have trouble getting visas fro the U.K. Email me and I’ll send you personnel letters of invitation, I would love that. We could become friends as I’m interested in the gas rights to your farm and any heavy metals that might be found there, maybe we can swop for some of my work ? But seriously come to the show, everyone, there is a huge pedestratian area outside so we can fit in a lot of people. Then I can feel important, perhaps I should get a uniform. The Republic of Hackney East a breakway state beyond the reach of Mare Street where fixy bikes and broken beat techno are the norm. A teenage utopia for dudes over 40 (who actually don’t look it). Enough for now, time for my breakfast tea…

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