I thought I’m add the info on the American stleath helicopter as aircraft have always fascinated me.this coupled with the new cold war implicatications of China getting their hands on the plans I thought it was interesting stuff.

Also today is the 20th anniversary of the attempted right wing coup in the former Soviet Union that tried to topple Gorbachev and keep the last cold war going. I heard him on the radio today talking about how he realised in 1953 as a young student in Moscow that things had to change and how he decided to work from within, amazing. He is truly a ‘great’ of the last century. When the failed coup happened in Russia in 1991 I was on Easter Island and I rememeber listening to the BBC on my shortwave radio trying to get any news I could. I found out afterwards Mr. Gorbachev was doing exactly the same thing in the place his knidnappers took him. I say to Dave your friend Murdoch would not have made that possible as for Brookes I guess she never heard of Gorbachev. The world listens to the BBC and it gives Britain so much in so many ways, please just leave it alone.

Today is hot and sunny here in London, lets hope the kids go to the park today not the shops, the police could do with a rest and I am not sure if they would want to go out and save Dave’s skin again after the way he has treated them in the last week. Dave says ‘slow motion moral decay’, I say boredom, no jobs, no money, lack of oppurtunity and history plays its part.

I think its going to be OK, it always is…

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