Well I was going to explain the riots today, but I forgot the football was starting and it’s a full moon. Not that either matter really, I watched the footy and I’m in bed before midnight so that is my problem you may ask ? Well I can’t be fucking bothered is the truth. That’s all you need to know for now except for the simple fact that wealth in this country is to unevenly ditributed, we all know that. That is what the Conservative party is for, to keep it that way and a jolly good job they are doing to. If the fuck wits at Labour had any sense they’d introduce P.R next time they are in and stop the whole thing in it’s tracks, but no personnel ambition and greed get in the way. The whole world runs on greed, it is the animal in us, it creates winners and losers. Acknowledgement of this is the politics of the right. That is why visions of a better world fail, but I am happy in my failure, howl out in the night for me my full moon frinds, good night x.

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