Well I woke this this morning to find 3 people dead in Birmingham, run over trying to protect their neighbourhood. These men were asians, which for people reading this outside the U.K usually means people whose families moved to the U.K 3 or 4 generations ago from the Indian sub continent. Asians as far as I know are not involved in the riots, it is the blacks and whites. On the first night of trouble the Bengali shop keepers on Bethnal Green Rd chased of the mob. The kids were in my friends garden trying to nick stuff and the asians helped get rid of them.

What worries me now is the possibility of a racial aspect now evolving. I say this as I hear the fucking EDL ( English Defence League) trying to stir up trouble. This lot a group of neo-Nazis haters are the last thing we need. I surpose they must see themselves as vigilantes but they only purpose to the stir up trouble between the different communities. The ironic thing is these nutters main target is the Muslims and the Muslims who are not involved. The scum is really rising to the surface.

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