As I suspected it is all quiet on the streets of London tonight, so far. I just got home from one of the only pubs in the area to open. It felt like after the 7/7 bombings. The pub was full of locals, the tourists and hipsters were absent, things you have to do to get rid of them.

Things riot wise have moved out of London to the West Midlands and North West, this may be due to the large Police presence on the streets tonight. The trouble may be back, the word on the ‘street grapevine’ was that tonight was going to be ‘Arson Night’. Thank god that’s not the case, hopefully that was only a rumour.

One thing that now seems to be the case is that Mark Duggan was shot in cold blood in Tottenham last week by the Police, lets see what happens in the inquiry but after the Police cover up of the attack on the newspaper vendor in The City, Ian Tomlinson I wonder if anyone will have any faith in the inquiry.

It’s a hard time for the Police, all I can think is if they do it clean nothing can backfire on them, but that’s easier said than done, especially if there are loads of wet behind the ears ‘country cops’ in the city now.

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